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Grateful Dead Live at School Gymnasium, S.U.N.Y. on 1970-10-31

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Grateful Dead Live at School Gymnasium, S.U.N.Y. on 1970-10-31


d1t01 - Till The Morning Comes
d1t02 - Hard To Handle
d1t03 - Mama Tried
d1t04 - China Cat Sunflower >
d1t05 - I Know You Rider//
d1t06 - Dire Wolf
d1t07 - Cold Rain And Snow
d1t08 - Me And My Uncle
d1t09 - Dark Hollow
d1t10 - Brokedown Palace
d1t11 - Viola Lee Blues >
d1t12 - Cumberland Blues >
d1t13 - Uncle John's Band


d2t01 - Casey Jones
d2t02 - Sugar Magnolia
d2t03 - Next Time You See me
d2t04 - Cryptical Envelopment >
d2t05 - Drums >
d2t06 - The Other One >
d2t07 - Cryptical Envelopment >
d2t08 - Cosmic Charlie
d2t09 - Big Boss Man
d2t10 - Mama Tried


d3t01 - Drums >
d3t02 - Good Lovin' >
d3t03 - Drums >
d3t04 - Good Lovin'
d3t05 - St. Stephen >
d3t06 - Not Fade Away >
d3t07 - GDTRFB >
d3t08 - Not Fade Away

Two "shows" were advertised, at 8:00 and at 12:00, "featuring NRPS."

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue School Gymnasium, S.U.N.Y.
Location Stony Brook, NY

Source A-SBD
Lineage SBD > RTR > PCM > D;Sony PCM-R300 > Audiophile 2496 > Cool Edit Pro2 > .WAV > .FLAC
Transferred by Jay Serafin


Last Viola Lee Blues

KNOWN FLAWS IN EARLY (also on many circulating versions):
End Of I Know You Rider cut
Drop Out at 2:13 in Brokedown

Hard to Handle is missing
Drop Out at :23 in GDTRFB


Reviewer: rhfeltman - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 8, 2015
Subject: Amazing recollection...first Dead experience
I grew up near Stony Brook and was lucky enough to see many shows during the late 60's-early 70's there. Pretty much anyone playing the Fillmore East would make a stop there. I was a pretty lucky high-schooler. Anyway, the day of this show, Halloween, there was a large protest against the Vietnam War in NYC. I went with a bunch of friends. On the train back home one friend suggested we get off at Stony Brook to see the Dead. I had no ticket but was able to buy one at the Student Union building easy enough. The audience was tame enough and opening were the New Riders, Jerry playing peddle steel. Once the Dead took the stage it got weird...could have been what was in the air that night. Many people came dressed in costume and somehow or another I met this couple, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, that shared their refreshments with me. Between the NRPS and the Dead they showed old Betty Boop cartoons. When the first show ended we all started to file out the back door. I just made it out when this huge throng literally lifted me up and I found myself drawn back into the gym, like a bottle floating on an ocean. I again found my friends Clark and Lois. As to the music, well the tape tells it well. I saw them many times after but this made for an excellent introduction. Jerry, between his playing with the Riders and the Dead must have played some 6-7 hours, his only rest being Betty Boop.
Reviewer: bklyngrl - - November 29, 2012
Subject: audience member
just wanted to give a little background into the audience. The early show which I was at, was just a bunch of college students just sitting quietly in their chairs, very surreal for a real fan. We didn't have tickets to the late show, which was very popular, shortly after the show started, we heard this rumble, and some one shouts out, They stormed the doors! So, it became a free show. I just followed a bunch of people and we made our way pretty close up. Needless to say Garcia was not happy with those rowdy city people. Anyway, I have fond memories of this show, and was just wondering if you could actually hear when the "doors burst open".
Reviewer: rrschwz28 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 12, 2012
Subject: drums
The "drums" are an integral part of Good Lovin' and The Other One. The continuity (and the mood) is destroyed when they are cut aside into separate tracks. And can somebody explain to me how someone calling themselves a Deadhead could cut up Viola Lee and Cumberland (and Uncle John's)?

PS One of my favorite H2H's.
Reviewer: Tidewater four ten O nine - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 9, 2012
Subject: Get a life ............
FAO: rrschwz28

Learn (you know, use your brain instead of waiting for everything to be served up to you on a plate, how to 'listen' to these shows 'end to end', i.e. uninterrupted.

Stop your constant whinging.

You dumb pr*ck.


Poor Boy Was On The Line
Reviewer: rschwz28 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 5, 2011
Subject: note to Istanbul
The band originally began Easy Wind with the chorus. I don't know when the demarcation was, but all the earliest versions I've heard were like that.

From the Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth Dept:

To hear The Other One into Cosmic Charlie, I had to grab the mouse, find the on-screen button, and manually advance the tracks FOUR times. Likewise I had to advance three times just to hear Good Lovin'. Why can't we hear it the way they played it?

I think tracks 24, 25, 26 and 27 should be ONE track called Good Lovin'. Same applies to The Other One. Remember, even though they named four separate parts to it (plus New Potato and Born Cross-Eyed), when you played the first side of Anthem, you heard ONE piece of uninterrupted music. They put in on vinyl like that because they played it like that live.

I remember in the early '70's, the holy grail was to get an uninterrupted copy, on cassette or reel-to-reel, of the first three sides of Live/Dead. Now we have most of the soundboards, and people are dicing them up!

Interesting note from Wikipedia concerning Anthem: "In order to get more publishing royalty points on the album, the opening track "That's It For The Other One" was artificially divided into four other "songs" by the band."

Still, too much here to rate less than five stars.
Reviewer: Dead In Istanbul - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 28, 2011
Subject: "The Judge did what?"
This is the final Viola Lee and you can hear people as the intro goes on a little calling out "decreed it" and someone onstage says "The judge did what? What'd the judge do?" just before Bobby starts singing. Could have forgotten what the first words were. Like Pigpen a couple of nights earlier (or later?) on Easy Wind at Port Chester. He starts right off singing the chorus. Music's a living working organism when it gets going. It's all part of the fun. It's hard to find a bum show in the lot of NY state performances.
Reviewer: Pangolin22 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 5, 2011
Subject: All the fun of the Dead packed into a gym
It's easy to get jaded with all the selection on the archive. Then you stumble on a gem like this! Rough, ragged, raw Dead tearing through Workingman's and American Beauty material. So many amazing performances here, warts and all (listen to the Cosmic Charlie to hear 'warts'). Special mention to that marching shuffle that drives China Cat, a rare and beautiful Dark Hollow and, of course, the final Viola Lee which is well worth a listen. The jam as they come back into Good Lovin' is perfection and the Next Time is one of the bluesiest versions I've heard of that tune. Anyways, I'll shut up now. Give it a listen.
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